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Let’s give girls in Lebanon and Vancouver an opportunity to shine and bring their communities together in peace!

Each year the country of Lebanon holds the Beirut Marathon of peace, when thousands of runners from 49 countries come to participate and show their support for the idea that running can be much more than a flight response to war.


Right now there are an estimated 915,145 refugees from the Syria living in Lebanon, a country that has always been torn between ongoing conflicts in the region.

We are bringing Global Sorority’s™ Leadership education course, the Elements of SUCCESS to Lebanon in partnership with Passion Foundation, Run4aCause, the Beirut Marathon and FitCause 

Passion Foundation will be delivering leadership education and resources to a group of young women in Vancouver and Global Sorority™ will be delivering these same resources as well as giving the girls in Beirut an opportunity to run in a 5K and 10k race in conjunction with the Marathon.  Bringing these two groups together to create a global community of young women leaders holds unlimited potential.

You can help make our Lebanon outreach possible by participating in any or all 3 ways!

Option #1.

Donate directly to Global Sorority™ in the US by going to our Global Giving Campaign page http://www.globalgiving.org/projects/global-sorority-education-and-community-fund/

Option  #2.

Visit RUN4ACAUSE campaign to donate through Canada Helps https://www.canadahelps.org/en/pages/run4acause-raise-a-runner/

Option #3

Walk, Step. Run or Just #Move4Good and Join RUN4ACAUSE! at our FITCAUSE campaign. By clocking your miles on November 9th you will be joining us in the Global Sorority™ Beirut marathon!

Check out how to participate in this fun way at the link below.


Each dollar you donate to Global Sorority’s™ education and community fund, or our Run4aCause Raise a Runner campaign will help girls gain the confidence and tools to lead a brighter future.

Gaining these leadership skills and internal tools will be an empowering and life-changing opportunity for the young women you support. But running in this race will also boost their self esteem, and make a loud statement that girls can do anything they set their minds to!

In Lebanon and some other parts of the Middle East girls actually have equal access to education, (progress worth celebrating!) Although education alone is not having as much of an impact on society as would be imagined. What is missing from the equation is a girl’s ability to see herself as equal and capable of contributing alongside her mail counterparts.

“In Lebanon, for example, women make up 54% of university students, but only 26% of the labor force and 8% of legislators, senior officials and managers, according to the United Nations Statistics Division.”

“Although women have found opportunities in all fields, few have achieved senior positions in their fields. For example, women comprise 90 percent of the workforce in banks but account for only 19 percent of bank general and assistant general managers”

Leadership development is a key component to girls actualizing their educations and contributing their strengths and abilities to their own society in ways that build on stability and economic security.

If we want peace and stability in the world, it’s our belief that women need to step into leading rolls in their societies in a more collaborative way and co-create the solutions for peace.

Every dollar donated to Global Sorority™ goes toward delivering high quality and comprehensive leadership education to girls in parts of the world that most need it. We are an all volunteer staff and work tirelessly to make your contributions count!

Thank You! 


PS. To learn more about the Beirut Marathon and it’s bridge to peace, check out these inspiring links.   



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