A Global Sisterhood

As a professional leadership and corporate coach, Tia Kelly knows exactly how strong and influential women can be. But young girls, especially those in developing countries, don’t always have the same idea about themselves. Which is why Kelly, 37, co-founded Global Sorority™, a nonprofit that empowers young women around the more



Girls Give Back

Grade 8 can be absolutely terrifying. You’re trying to fit in, desperate to make friends and scared of rejection. It’s anything but easy. Now imagine Grade 8 at Burnaby’s Byrne Creek Secondary, with the highest percentage of student refugees in the Lower Mainland. Many are dealing with culture shock, language barriers, poverty and trauma from political more



Gender Specific Leadership Development 

With the continued coverage on gender equality and its positive effects on global development, little room is left for debate about where our human investments have the greatest return. Women in the developing world hold the keys to their nations’ economic strength and to greater global more






Guest Speaker: Loretta Cella

A little space with MASSIVE possibilities shares the story of Loretta Cella and her journey into discovering the powerful link between the important values that her immigrant parents raised her with and the values of Canadian culture she grew up in and how this discovery became the inspiration for her life work.



Guest Speaker: Loretta Cella

Loretta has worked with youth and families in Vancouver, Toronto, New Delhi, Kenya and Uganda over the last 11 years. Loretta has a number of innovative projects on the go including Global Sorority™, a documentary featuring 100 girls in over 12 countries to be completed in 2014.

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