Off to Vietnam!!!

The team is off to Vietnam on April 10th.  This is an exciting time for the team.  Below is a re-post of a blog that Tia Kelly wrote and explains the importance of Global Sorority. 


Global Sisiterhood day was march 21st This awareness filled day spurred worldwide engagement of women to step up and support each other to shine.

We at Global Sorority take the idea of sisiterhood very seriously. We harness the power of our global sisters to better the lives of girls by providing opportunities for them to be leaders and to reach their full potential.

The truth is that one day isn't enough to close the gap. Coming together in support of each other for a day is awesome, but it's an internal shift we need to make to see each other every day as allies and co-creators of a better future.

It’s never too late or too little to uplift a girl, vastly improve her life and the quality of her community with your support. Global Sorority does this sustainably by meeting young women wherever they are and we support their inner leaders and self-development to better handle life’s hurdles.

The greatest advancement for girls in recent years has been the push for formal education, opening up a new world of opportunities for them. The reality though, is that many girls will be forced to marry far too young, they will drop out of school, never have a chance to go at all, or even get an education but not have the confidence, awareness or self belief that they need to go after their dreams and live to their full potential

Because there are girls who are still denied basic human dignities, education and resources, it doesn't mean they are a lost cause. Not everything we do to improve the lives of girls and women can be hitched to formal education.

In a perfect world all girls would go to school, in the current world, girls need every bit of strength they can muster from within themselves to survive and succeed. and that's where our internal leadership programs meet them. 

Our effort to sustainably support girls and their communities despite their level of education or socioeconomic status is ongoing, We continue to partner and assist other organizations working with young women locally and globally.

We are going to Vietnam April 10th  to work with schools and organizations who are deeply connected to their local communities and the well being of the young women they work with. These community partners ensure the continued success of our training.


We are pushing for the day when Global Sisiterhood day isn't an awareness campaign about how we can support each other better, but rather a day that celebrates the great shifts and global changes that happened from us coming together every day to support all of our sisters to become the leaders, teachers, healers, scientists, mothers, entrepreneurs, and peace makers of our future.


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