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Global Sorority Works to improve the lives of girls and young women through supporting their growth and education with sustainable leadership development. Giving them the inner tools necessary to best utilize their own abilities and resources.

We understand the complex cultural and economic realities that many girls around the world are forced to navigate. These issues won't change over night for them, that’s why our programming meets girls where they are, positively impacting their lives no matter what their culture or economic circumstance might be.

Because our unique Elements of Success training program is built around the development of self and the inner resources needed to succeed, young women can apply these skills right away and throughout their lives.

Global Sorority programming offers young women the ability to:

  • Better utilize each level of their education.
  • Feel confident to lead in the workplace and within their communities.
  • Enhance their communication skills.
  • Share their new found skills and voice with other young women
  • See that they are of great value!

This last realization alone will speed up the societal shift that has to take place in order to support true gender equality. A girl must first believe she is worthy and capable or all of the formal education in the world won’t have the impact we are hoping for.

Along with our Elements of Success Leadership training programs we also support gender awareness education through the Global Sorority documentary film series. It’s our goal to provide an online platform for girls to connect, receive mentorship and ongoing leadership training, as well as a sense of community and sisterhood through local chapters that uphold the true meaning of

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Documentary Film Series

Learn from young women as they share their challenges, joys, and hopes for the future in these mini-documentary series.

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